The Organic For You's masks treat skin and enhance the overall efficacy of your routine.

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bentoclay1oz deadseaclay RED MOROCCAN CLAY
Bentonite Clay Dead Sea Clay RED MOROCCAN CLAY

Bentonite Clay is one of the most effective and natural cleansers available. Bentonite clay is charged at the molecular level and attracts toxins (a little like a magnet), binds with them, and removes them from the body. For external use only.

This sea clay is useful on oily skin. It is thought to remove acne causing toxins from the skin and revitalize tired skin. This is the clay that is commonly used to make Sea Mud Masks. Dead Sea Clay is full of unique minerals found n the Dead...

In skincare rhassoul clay has been documented to help

reduce dryness, improve skin clarity and elasticity and

for it’s extractive abilities that remove impurities and

unblock pores, even stubborn blackheads. 




Our masks are handmade with the finest essential oils, deep cleansing clays and nutrient rich herbs.

We use active ingredients to address a host of skin needs, from dryness to breakouts to fine lines, and e

verything in between! When we use the term “active ingredient”, this refers to an ingredient that is biologically active.

Our masks come in a powdered form which means that the benefits of each ingredient are delivered directly to your skin

within minutes. Your face mask should be used as a treatment, applied once or twice a week to refresh and deep cleanse

the skin.