Herbal Bath

These plant and herbal formulas help restore and maintain the body’s natural well being and provide the healthful benefits of nature.

The highly concentrated essential oils that have been carefully selected in combination with herbs and mineral salts, result in a very restorative bath. Essential oils are known as the immune system of the plant.
Inhale the steam and soak for 10 – 20 minutes to absorb the herbal benefits. The water’s natural therapeutic effect augments the efficacy of the essential oils. Use the Herbal Bath most suited to your body’s needs.
Residue free: Herbal Bath is not oily, so there is no greasy ring around the tub.

Suggestion: Best results are achieved when you use the Herbal Bath that best suits your needs. The Organic For You Herbal Bath is made to help you live a more balanced life. It will not suds or foam.

Directions: Add 1 capful Herbal Bath to running water at a temperature of 97˚F – 100˚F. If any is spilled on tub surround, wipe immediately.
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