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Naturally gentle and caring 
A baby’s delicate skin is some of the most precious there is, 
which is why we use herbs, oils, and natural ingredients, all
carefully selected to be gentle yet effective, in our natural
mother and baby range.

A baby’s skin, so thin and delicate, is no place for synthetic chemicals. 
Sadly, even some of the most trusted baby brands add nasty artificial chemicals.
Our baby line of natural handmade soaps, herbal bath teas,
salves and massage oils are made from gentle, ingredients that 
clean, moisturize and protect baby's sensitive skin.
Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, just wholesome natural ingredients
you can trust.
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Baby Diaper Herbal Salve Dream Heavenly Lavender Cream Feminine Soap Bar
Baby Diaper Herbal SalveDream Heavenly Lavender CreamFeminine Soap Bar
Use this special blend to protect baby’s bottom from diaper rash and to moisturize and soothe other delicate or irritated areas. Our Baby Diaper Herbal Salve is an all-natural diaper salve containing the herbs of myrrh, yarrow, calendula,...Dream Heavenly Lavender Cream A Heavenly Hydration Body Cream Relax... Inhale the balanced calming benefits of wild lavender throughout our uplifting and rejuvenating cream. Ingredients : Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) Hydrosol, Purified Water...Our Feminine Soap Bar is a simple soap made of olive and coconut oil and no scent added. Use our Feminine Soap Bar in the external intimate area on a daily basis when you bathe or shower to promote optimal intimate health, safe to use during and...




Grandma's Soap Bar QueenBee Soap
Grandma's Soap BarQueenBee Soap

GRANDMA'S Soap Bar No detergents, dyes, fragrance or other additives. Just pure soap. Great for sensitives, dry, itchy winter skin. Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distliled Water & Sodium Hydroxide (food grade lye).

Packed full of nourishing, therapeutic and antioxidant substances from the beehive, this handmade soap bar makes for a mild exfoliating cleanser for troubled skin. Honey, a natural emollient, keeps skin hydrated while royal jelly and pollen...



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