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The Aroma Spa Diffuser Package includes our Aromamist Ultrasonic Diffuser and three of our top
relaxation-promoting floral essential oils (10 mL) bottles)
Floral Bouquet: With a Clean and Fresh aroma of
Rose Geranium Oil helps to calm and ground feelings of
stress and anxiety. Boasting a multitude of benefits, 
Rose Geranium Oil eases the feminine monthly cycle, 
promotes feelings of well-being, and uplifts the spirit.
Jasmine: This exotic oil from the nocturnal flowers of the "Queen of the Night" 
encourages euphoric sensual moods.
Bergamot Bergamot’s bright sweetness has a tendency to produce big smiles.
Calming Flowers: A blend of Lavender Bulgarian, German Chamomile, Ylang Ylang 
and other centering oils, is soothing and earthy with calming, grounding and restorative properties.

Lotus Oil Blend: Surrender to Pleasure

Floral, feminine, and intoxicatingly sweet, the aroma evokes of the beauty of dawn.

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